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2019 | Director of Curriculum and Faculty, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America Workshop, MIT.
I created the first curriculum that brings designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology, manufacturers from industry (New Balance), and scientists and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Advanced Functional Fabrics of America. Through a guided discovery workshop, I lectured about fiber science and technology and possible future technologies that could be integrated into textile products such as surface functionalization, textile electronics, biological textile, textile-based sensors and actuators. I solved the following problems of the New Balance with the participants: Adaptation of new balance products for changing technological/biological/landscape requirements; leveraging technical textile to mass produce highly adaptive, capable of tuning fit product that addresses a broad consumer base; developing a new synthetic biology to develop new products expanding from a biological concept.
2014 – 2015 | - Fundamentals of Nanotechnology, MSN 518 (Graduate CourseBilkent University.
2007 – 2008 | Laboratory for Micro and Nano-electronics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.​​​​​​​
One to One Supervised Students
Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard University
(PhD) Sirma Orguc, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | (PhD\MD) Marc-Joseph Antonini, Health Science and Technology | (UG) Ayse A Guvenilir, Biological Engineering | (UG) Thomas Benavides, Physics | (UG) Dani Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering | (UG) Matthew Quejada, Mechanical Engineering | (UG) Maddison M Sutula, Materials Science and Engineering
Bilkent University
(MS) Umar Gishiwa Musa, Materials Science and Nanotechnology | (MS) Muhammad Yunusa, Materials Science and Nanotechnology | (MS) Ahmet Faruk Yavuz, Materials Science and Nanotechnology | (MS) Mehmet Girayhan Say, Materials Science and Nanotechnology | (MS) Abba Usman Saleh, Materials Science and Nanotechnology | (MS) Muhammet Halit Dolas, Physics | (MS) Muhammet Celebi, Physics | (UG) Okan Atalar, Electrical and Electronics Engineering | (UG) D. Alp Emre Acar, Electrical and Electronic Engineering | (UG) Doruk Cezan, Chemistry
Bunker Hill Community College (Boston)
(UG) Michael Felttis, Mechanical Engineering |(UG) Minhua Mei, Chemistry | (UG) Matthew Forester, Mechanical Engineering
 University of Illinois at Chicago
(UG) Timothy Akintilo, Computer Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -  Materials Research Laboratory - Summer School
Creating neuro fibers
"Bunker Hill Community College student Minhua Mei worked with Postdoc Mehmet Kanik in the lab of Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Polina Anikeeva on a project to develop a flexible fiber probe. The goal is develop a neuro probe for recording brain activity in mice as part of an autism study. Mei worked with the polymer PMMA to create blocks about 10 inches long with electrodes melded into them that can be drawn out to a hundred times their length in a fiber drawing tower."
Kids are our future and they need guidance, inspiration and leaders. I am trying to lead the way for them to pursue a career in science . I volunteered to teach middle school students Robotics and Automation in Collins middle school in Salem, Massachusetts. They were so interested to see the research of an MIT scholar.
Teaching middle school students about artificial muscles
Teaching middle school students about artificial muscles
Teaching middle school students about artificial muscles
Teaching middle school students about artificial muscles
Teaching robotics and automation to middle school students
Outreach team at Salem MA - Collins Middle School
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