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A new fabrication technique in Nanotechnology

Arrays of indefinitely-long, uniform nanowires and nanotubes

M. Yaman, T. Khudiyev, E. Ozgur, M. Kanik, O. Aktas, E. O. Ozgur, H. Deniz, E. Korkut, M. Bayindir, Nature Materials, volume 10, page 494 (2011).

Nanowires are arguably the most studied nanomaterial model to make functional devices and arrays. Although there is remarkable maturity in the chemical synthesis of complex nanowire structures, their integration and interfacing to macro systems with high yields and repeatability still require elaborate aligning, positioning and interfacing and post-synthesis techniques. Top-down fabrication methods for nanowire production, such as lithography and electrospinning, have not enjoyed comparable growth. Here we report a new thermal size-reduction process to produce well-ordered, globally oriented, indefinitely long nanowire and nanotube arrays with different materials.

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