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A new route of fabricating on-chip chalcogenide microcavity resonator array

O. Aktas, E. Ozgur, O. Tobail, M. Kanik, E. Huseyinoglu, M. Bayindir, , Advanced Optical Materials, volume 2, page 618 (2014).

High‐yield production and on‐chip integration of high‐Q chalcogenide microresonators with various sizes and geometrical shapes (spherical, spheroidal, and ellipsoidal) and with sub‐nanometer surface roughness is achieved. The high‐throughput and low‐cost production of chalcogenide spherical microresonators works via inducing a Plateau‐Rayleigh instability within a multimaterial fiber in extended lengths.

Macroscopic assembly of indefinitely long and parallel nanowires into large area photodetection circuitry

E. Ozgur, O. Aktas, M. Kanik, M. Yaman, M. Bayindir, Nano Letters, volume 12, page 2483 (2012).

Integration of nanowires into functional devices with high yields and good reliability turned out to be a lot more challenging and proved to be a critical issue obstructing the wide application of nanowire-based devices and exploitation of their technical promises. Here we demonstrate a relatively easy macrofabrication of a nanowire-based imaging circuitry using a recently developed nanofabrication technique.

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